Rethinking and planning

So, after thinking it over, I’ve come to intensely dislike Qt. The whole signals/slots thing is part of it. So, I’ve decided to rewrite the whole thing using .NET 2 and SlimDX which ties it to Windows XP or higher. I’m not interested in multiplatform support, but if someone is, they can replace .NET with mono and SlimDX with OpenGL. I’ve also decided which route I want to go with Figure Studio. I’m taking the best aspects from DAZ Studio and Poser and mixing them together. Of course Figure Studio will still be using Bullet for the physics system, but it’ll be the C# variant: BulletSharp. Still working out which render engine I want to use. The FreeImage library is still being used also, but the .NET variant. I also intend to use Python (IronPython for C#/.NET/mono) as the scripting engine. So scripts that work in Poser should work with Figure Studio with little to no fuss.




Figure Studio source:

IronPython 2.0.3: