New TY2 freebie

ktop-promoKerchief top


  • 1 Top and OBJ file
  • 1 Miniskirt and OBJ file

Get it here or on the downloads page.



I haven’t forgotten about Terai Yuki 2.

Another new outfit for Terai Yuki 2. I had this one on my HDD for a while, but just got around to finishing it.

Evening Gown


  • 1 Conforming Dress & OBJ file
  • 1 Conforming Left Glove & OBJ file
  • 1 Conforming Right Glove & OBJ file
  • 1 Conforming Left Boot & OBJ File
  • 1 Conforming Right Boot & OBJ file

I know my lighting sucks for the promo render. I don’t have a good light set for DAZ Studio to do promo shots.

Download here or on the Terai Yuki 2 page.

Back to the drawing board.

So, I decided to go back to the drawing board on Figure Studio. I’ve been playing around with Blender’s Cycles renderer, and have come to love it.
Once you wrap your head around the nodes, it’s very powerful.
So I’ve been thinking about implementing something similar in Figure Studio. You’ll still be able to use a renderer of your own choosing.
Please note: Figure Studio is primarily a program for rendering, posing, and animating 3D characters. It will not contain modeling capabilities. There are other pieces of software for that.

On a side note: I’m seriously debating on picking Bullet Cloth back up.
Bullet Cloth was supposed to be a plugin for DAZ Studio to allow for cloth physics using the Bullet library.

A little something for Aiko 3.


Another new outfit for Aiko 3. This time we have a sorceress outfit.

  • 1 Conforming outfit with some of Aiko 3’s morphs
  • 1 pair of boot props (can’t rig heels from scratch worth a flip especially in DAZ Studio. at least they’re grouped and ready)
  • 1 pair of conforming sleeves with some Aiko 3 morphs

Get it here or on the Aiko 3 downloads page.