A little something for Victoria 4.


Catsuit for Victoria 4.

Contains 1 catsuit CR2, OBJ (UVMapped), template, and 12 DAZ Studio 1-4 leather and latex material presets.


Added Poser versions of the material presets.

No morphs as I don’t have the V4 Morphs++ pack.

Get it here or on the Victoria 4 page.


Bleh. Textures.

I’ve got another freebie for Aiko 3 in the works. It’s almost ready for release, except I’m having trouble with the textures. See, part of the dress is transparent with the other part not. I don’t know how to properly work that. This is why most of my releases use simple materials. I don’t like dealing with textures.

For Aiko 3


Chemise for Aiko 3.


  • 1 Conforming chemise and OBJ file UV Mapped
  • 7 Material presets for DAZ Studio 1-4


  • Realistic
  • Stylized
  • Muscular
  • WaistNarrow
  • HipSmall
  • Gluteus
  • GluteBig
  • BreastSize3
  • BrstCleavage
  • BreastSize4
  • AreolaOut
  • Nipple
  • NippleOut

As usual, get it on the Aiko 3 page or here.

I learned something today.

So, I did some experimenting with DAZ Studio. Turns out you can add morphs from a character to clothing without using external programs. Add what morphs you want to a character, set them to 1, “Transfer Active Morphs”, reset all morphs on the character, then export the clothing item to a CR2. The morphs from the character will then be added to the clothing.