New PC.

I now have a new PC. In between gaming sessions (I’ve been addicted to Scarlet Blade lately. Fun game. If you ever find yourself playing it, look me up. My character’s name is SaekoNorina), I’ll go back to making content for Victoria 4, Michael 4, and a new figure I’ve come to adore: AyanaDoll.

Also, I’ve decided to revisit adding Bullet Physics to DAZ Studio via a plug-in. Since it’ll no longer focus on just dynamic clothing, it had to be renamed: DazBullet (click the link to go to the GitHub page). Not much is there right now, but it’ll eventually (hopefully) be filled.

Figure Studio and Content Manager are still being worked on whenever the itch hits. I blame my ADD.

That’s all for this post. Best wishes

-Mistress Saeko