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Genesis 2 Female Nightgown (dForce compliant)

Made by Mistress Saeko of Silky Softworks (asukablaze@gmail.com)

Please read License.txt


Nightgown OBJ UVMapped
Nightgown DUF
Latex and Silk Material options

Made and tested in DAZ Studio 4.10.

Get it over at ShareCG or here.

Have fun and happy rendering!

  • MistressSaeko

More G2F content!

Genesis 2 Female Qipao Dress


Made by Mistress Saeko of Silky Softworks (asukablaze@gmail.com)

Please read License.txt


Qipao Dress OBJ UVMapped
Left and Right Glove OBJs UVMapped
Left and Right Glove DUFs
Dress DUF

Made and tested in DAZ Studio 4.9.

Have fun and happy rendering!

Get it over at the Genesis 2 Female page or over at ShareCG.

  • Mistress Saeko


Due to crippling depression and lack of general motivation as well as a dry spell in creativity, I haven’t made any content lately.

I’ve also been trying to find a way to make some money, so I’ve had little time to focus on content creation.

I’m not giving up creating content, it’s just I can’t be bothered to because I’ve gotten to the point where I just don’t want to do anything.

Hopefully, I’ll start up again. But it won’t be soon.

Have fun and happy rendering!

-Mistress Saeko

Ayana Doll.

I am in love with her. I’m seriously thinking about making content exclusively for her.

Now, if someone would be kind enough to make poses for her, I’d be grateful.

In other news, new item coming within a day or 2. I’m just putting up the finishing touches on it. It is for Ayana Doll (just getting that out of the way).

Also, I’m moving from DeviantArt over to Pixiv. Sporadic content releases will still happen over on ShareCG and this site is going to be sticking around indefinitely.

Happy rendering, friends.

-Mistress Saeko


I’m tempted to put up a patreon for my future stuff. It would at least keep my stuff free while being able to breathe easily with a few extra dollars in the bank. Patrons would receive early access to the products to render, make textures for, etc. once a certain amount of time passed, I’d do a general release.

Please let me know how you feel in the comments below.

New PC.

I now have a new PC. In between gaming sessions (I’ve been addicted to Scarlet Blade lately. Fun game. If you ever find yourself playing it, look me up. My character’s name is SaekoNorina), I’ll go back to making content for Victoria 4, Michael 4, and a new figure I’ve come to adore: AyanaDoll.

Also, I’ve decided to revisit adding Bullet Physics to DAZ Studio via a plug-in. Since it’ll no longer focus on just dynamic clothing, it had to be renamed: DazBullet (click the link to go to the GitHub page). Not much is there right now, but it’ll eventually (hopefully) be filled.

Figure Studio and Content Manager are still being worked on whenever the itch hits. I blame my ADD.

That’s all for this post. Best wishes

-Mistress Saeko

Still on hiatus.

As you may remember, a few months ago, I had said that my PC is no longer capable of creating content for Poser/DAZ Studio.

That remains true for the foreseeable future.

I hope to return to making content eventually.

Got some ideas for V4, M4, and a new figure released over at ShareCG.

I managed to get the morphs++ pack for M4 and V4 when DAZ were giving them away.

So all content for V4, A4, G4, and M4 will have their morphs, both past and future.

A little something for Victoria 4.


Catsuit for Victoria 4.

Contains 1 catsuit CR2, OBJ (UVMapped), template, and 12 DAZ Studio 1-4 leather and latex material presets.


Added Poser versions of the material presets.

No morphs as I don’t have the V4 Morphs++ pack.

Get it here or on the Victoria 4 page.