Aiko 3 Goodies!


As you can see from the above image, the boots are not rigged well. Anyway, on to the show:

Cosplay: Power Girl for Aiko 3

Made by Mistress Saeko of Silky Softworks (

Please read License.txt


1 Leotard CR2 and OBJ file
1 Pair of Gloves CR2 and OBJ files
1 Cape PP2 and OBJ files
1 Pair of Boots CR2 and OBJ files

Made and tested in DAZ Studio 4.9. Should work in Poser 7 or higher with minimal fuss.

OBJ files are UV Mapped.

Get it on the A3 page or on ShareCG.

Have fun and happy rendering!

– Mistress Saeko


Revisiting Old Works.

After being very unhappy with the original corset dress I made for Aiko 3, I decided to go back and make a new version. Morphs included.


For Aiko 3


Chemise for Aiko 3.


  • 1 Conforming chemise and OBJ file UV Mapped
  • 7 Material presets for DAZ Studio 1-4


  • Realistic
  • Stylized
  • Muscular
  • WaistNarrow
  • HipSmall
  • Gluteus
  • GluteBig
  • BreastSize3
  • BrstCleavage
  • BreastSize4
  • AreolaOut
  • Nipple
  • NippleOut

As usual, get it on the Aiko 3 page or here.

New Outfit

Corset Dress for Aiko 3

  • 1 Dress CR2 file, OBJ file, and UV Map
  • 1 Left Glove CR2 file, OBJ file, and UV Map
  • 1 Right Glove CR2 file, OBJ file, and UV Map