Creating Genesis 2 Female Content Take 2


Ankle Boots for Genesis 2 Female

Made by Mistress Saeko (

Please read SSLicense.txt
Included is:
* 1 Pair of boots in DUF format
* 5 Material presets
* 1 UV Mapped OBJ Boots

Made and tested with Daz Studio 4.9.

Grab it here or at ShareCG.

Sorceress Outfit for G2F



  • 1 Oufit OBJ
  • Left and right glove OBJs
  • Left and right boot OBJs
  • 1 Tiara
  • 1 Choker
  • 10 mats for the outfit (5 for the bodice and 5 for the leggings) and 5 each for the gloves and boots
  • UV Maps

Get it here or on the G2F page.


– Mistress Saeko

I changed my mind.

After careful consideration, I’ve decided to release the Genesis 2 Female outfit for free. But, please consider donating so I can get a new PC to continue bringing you Poser/DAZ Studio content. This PC doesn’t have much longer I’m afraid. And once it goes, I won’t have a PC at all.


It’s up! Click here to get it.